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  1. Hey everyone! A little bit about myself: I'm a professional full-stack software engineer in charge of a large enterprise development team in the U.S. I started playing RS3 again lately since I used to play when I was a kid. It's a great game!

    I've haven't been in the botting scene until recently, but it's cool to know that the RM team have had years of experience. I also figured I'd use my expertise for some fun, write some good reliable bots, and maybe find other ways to help the RM guys.

    You all seem like an amazing community! I'm glad to become a part of it. Thank you!

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  2. Welcome to Runemate, Looking forward to seeing some new scripts bots:)

    scripts bots were in need of:


  3. Hey, there, enjoy your stay here at RuneMate! A bot I would love to see but very complex to make is a dungeoneering bot
  4. Unfortunately, I'm not a member yet but I'm working towards a bond or something because I don't want to pay for it lol.

    If I get ahold of it though, I'll contact you!
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    Hey Braum, thanks! That's definitely interesting.. you mean just something to kill the monsters, find the keys, and traverse the rooms?
  5. Welcome, dont forget about us OSRS guys though :)
  6. Since you are a F2P dude, I would recommend making a wine-drinker bot. Buy wines from GE, drink it, and sell the jug. A good profitable method for RS3 :)
  7. Yea pretty much!
  8. Never!
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    Interesting, didn't know that! Thanks!

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