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  1. Hey peeps,

    Used to play RS from back in the day, lost access to my account and can't recover because I can't remember enough details for support to know its mine.

    Can't be assed to level one by hand to max so gonna try botting it.

    For those of you who have managed to do this and not get banned please PM with advice and which bots you'd recommend.

    For bot devs, I'd consider private scripts bots but depends on price. PM me with costs etc and I'll consider it.

    Wish me luck!
  2. No good luck wishes? Feelsbadmam.

    I joke, hey Bertrand!
  3. I played against a scripting Vayne once. I shit on her. (regarding your name 8))
  4. Hahaha nice, no one has invented a brain.exe script bot yet. scripts bots just give you the mechanics of a pro. I'm hanging up my scripting shoes though now. Get banned far too often for it to be worth it anymore. :p

    Hopefully its not the same kinda story here. Just wanna get an account with all 99's so I can do endgame content and have fun. Don't have the time to grind like I once did in my youth.
  5. Hey, Qosmiof2, why are we shouting? :p
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  7. New member hype!? haha
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  9. Awww shieeettt dawwwg! This calls for a party, you bring the booze, I bring the hookers? XD
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  10. On topic though, my main has gained over 65M exp in OSRS and is now 1750+ total. Bot smart, bot safe.
  11. because you use QUALITY scripts bots am i rite?
  12. I've never used a Quality bot in my life.
  13. lier. I got data. I got data
  14. It'd be a shame if someone knew the username of said account.

    And shared it.

    With Jagex.

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  15. Go on then.
    Would be a shame if eh..

    My finger were to eh...


  16. It would be a shame if...

    we all forgot...
  17. :eek::eek::eek:


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