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  1. Hello RuneMate, I didn't even know this website existed tbh but just found it. I just have a few questions, I see no "pre-sale questions" thread so

    When is the last bot detection using this client? Is it just random or is it like a supreme bot that has only had 1-5 bans on accident?

    I've been with runescape for about 11 years ever since rs-classic, Yes always been a botter so, I enjoy it!

    I don't bot rs07 anymore because you just get banned very very often.

    Hope to buy this and start using it!

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  2. Hi Zeimten welcome to runemate, the bot currently seems very very solid and the community is great too, as for detection no one really knowes for sure but everyone on here seems to get massive gains on their accounts, give it a try you won't regret it the bot speaks for it's self, it's pretty damn flawless.
  3. Welcome to the community!

    Iirc, all bans here are behavior detected, meaning you will get banned based on how you bot, and not for using the client.
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  4. Well if you want to follow my progress a little, check out the Twitter account. 2520 total and constantly going up ;)
  5. Welcome to the community, man.
    Most of the bots here are free, so enjoy! :)

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