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  1. Hello fellows,
    I'm looking for a new community since my primaire client recently shut down,
    I've been scripting and moderating on a few sites the past year.
    Currently checking the api :)
  2. Welcome to RuneMate Tiger, glad to have you here :) What of scripts bots have you written?
  3. Welcome to the community.
  4. I've wrote alot of scripts bots haha,
    Aiofighter,aiowoodcutter,aio dragon killer,Edgevilledruids,aio miner and some other fighters such as hill giants etc.

    Some screenies ^_^
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  5. You can write all of those if you want to!
  6. I could ;)
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Mind sharing that one? We need a combat script bot like that, sir.
  9. Enjoy your stay, Tiger.
    Looking forward to those scripts bots ;)
  10. well, fuck

  11. That's quite a list! I look forward to seeing your scripts bots being ported here if you choose to do so.
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  12. Mods aren't allowed to make you're/your mistakes. I'm sorry but I have to report this to the authorities.
  13. In my defence i had woken up less than 5 minutes prior to making this horendous mistake. AND i was on my phone, maybe it was auto-correct's fault!
  14. Blaming auto-correct seems like a plan. Fuck you, auto-correct!
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  15. Welcome to the forums, Tiger. Feel free to hit me up if you ever need anything. :p
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  16. Or ask me instead if you want your reply within a week.
  17. I lurk the forums daily without posting.
  18. You should PM me your Skype username so I can add you to the RuneMate Developers group and introduce you to the gang. :)
  19. Alright, alright old man.
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