Hi, I'm Mason!

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Should I try to develop bots?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Who gives a shit

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  1. Hello my name is Mason, and I'm going to school to be a Computer Engineer. I'm currently 18 and I live in Florida.
    My interests are in video games, anything science (especially space and theoretical physics), and computers! I love computers and I'm great at fixing/building them. I'm learning to program and want to delve into that world.

    I've played RS for almost 10 years now. I actually have 9 accounts and have never botted on my main. I didn't start botting till late 2010. I am now looking to come into the community and learn how to make my own bots! If anyone has any tips or resources for me that would be great!

    Anyways hope to hear back from people and meet people!
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  3. Fort. Lauderdale! Once I go to college I'll be in Lakeland!
  4. Oh thats pretty cool man! I live in palm harbor, not sure if you know where that is but it's 30-45 mins from tampa!
  5. Ah okay, yeah I know where Tampa is. I applied to USF in Tampa!
  6. Ah nice nice, small world huh
  7. Yeah man, for sure
  8. Thank you! :)

    Do you bot on your main? I see your sig
  9. Wait for spectre m9
  10. Yes i do. Very careful though.
  11. Welcome, mate! Can't go wrong with too many bot authors doe
  12. "The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?"

    Welcome man. If you have any questions regarding developing bots hop on in the developer chat: Join Developer Chat | RuneMate
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  13. I have! I have the Discord and Slack already thank you! @Bertrand

    Ah alright, yeah I'm thinking about doing it for a few things, like the last 4 levels of fishing XD @roflcopter19

    Wait to bot my main? Or wait to develop bots @Savior
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    Also when Black Ops 1 came out back when I was in middle school that's literally all people told me, WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN LOL @Bertrand

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    Yep! Can't wait to delve into the coding community, should be fun! :) @Insomniac
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  14. Wait with botting your main.
    You can start with writing bots whenever you wish, the API will barely change with Spectre, so it will, if at all, take a small amount of time and effort to port your bots to the next gen.

    I LOVED bo1, it is the best cod i've played until today, and apart from 1+3 I played every cod so far.
    "WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN" is iconic :p
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  15. It really is Iconic, every time someone who's a gamer finds out my name they usually say that.
    And just to be clear, wait till spectre to bot on my main or wait for what exactly? Just curious.
    Currently botting hunter and div on 2 accounts to get money for bonds on my main.

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