Hi i'm new here

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dbuffed, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Hi there, my names Anton/Dbuffed - Some of you may know me or have seen me offsite.

    I am new here anyway, so i'll keep it short and simple - I mainly revolve around the market section, allthough I do post elsewhere time to time also, hope you don't mind having me here and hi for those who don't yet know me.
  2. welcome mate :) hope you enjoy your stay here.
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, i'm sure I will - Feels strange being on new forums all the time.
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  4. Hello and welcome :)
  5. Welcome to the jungle
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  6. Hi mr Cabbage.
    Hi thanks.
  7. Welcome to the community
  8. Welcome to the community
  9. Familiar faces are always good.
    Welcome, bud. :p
  10. Indeed they are, hi Fluff.
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  11. welcome to the community i hope you enjoy it here :) gotta give it time to grow though!
  12. Have a good stay ;)
  13. yes certainly, waiting :)

    Hi, thanks! :)
  14. Welcome, enjoy the stay. :)

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