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  1. Hi everyone, my names Ryza i've never heard of runemate before but after trolling the forums and trying out the bots i decided it was in my best interests to join the forums and say hello and also a big thank-you to the devs and scripters, i hope your site exceeds your expectations.
  2. Welcome to RuneMate. :)
  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  4. Welcome dude!
  5. Welcome to RuneMate. This is the best RS3 bot out there. I haven't tried the OSRS aspect of it, but it's probably dank af too.

    test by cabbage
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  6. Thank you Cabbage!, Ionsomniac i've only been using it since last night on a new account an it seems to do the job flawlessly once i've been around for a few more weeks i'll definetley be supporting this bot, i supported powerbot for a while but it's just not what it used to be. This will most likely take the number 1 spot easy.
  7. Welcome to RuneMate, Ryza! Hope you enjoy the many, many features we have to offer.
  8. Thank you vichy enjoying it very much so far, so glad i came across this website
  9. Welcome, Ryza.
    Let me know if you need anything. ;)
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Very much appreciated guys, just started runescape 3 again if anyone plays pm me your username if you want to ofcourse :)
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  12. Uwot. '-'
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  13. Yes Bertrand?
  14. Why share your name on a botting related community? >_<
  15. You're right it was a bit dumb but oh well, ifi get banned i get banned can start again :), i edited my post though, thanks.
  16. Fair mate, edited the name out of my quote too. Have a good one (y)
  17. Thanks bro appreciate that :) take it easy
  18. hey! welcome to runemate :)

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