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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kenneh, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. It should be pretty obvious why I'm here, but I wanted to make a thread nonetheless. :)
  2. Hi Kenneh, welcome to RuneMate. Glad to have you here :)
    If you're a scripter i look forward to seeing your work :)
  3. He Kenneh!
  4. Hey welcome! If you need help with anything just talk to me
  5. I've looked at some things and the client looks really neat but it can be confusing while scripting if you don't know what methods work for what version of runescape. :/
  6. I'm guessing you took a look at the JDocs? Just point out where you think the documentation is weak and I'm sure @Cloud would be more than happy to expand on it. It'll help everyone in the long term. :)
  7. Yeah, I assumed the stuff in the hybrid packages is universal between rs3 and osrs. I tried checking if a tile was reachable on osrs and the client was just like YOU CANNOT DO THAT IN OSRS :l
  8. Your intuition was correct; the goal is to eventually support anything in the hybrid package universally. That being said, global walking is a rather involved implementation that is characteristically unique between OSRS and RS3 (easier in RS3 believe it or not). Therefore, for the time being there is an inconsistency.
  9. Omg i remember kenneh's fighting script bot in powerbot it was the best script bot from that website :)
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