Hi richard here

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  1. hi i am richard
    i played rs before and now sinds 5 days i started again.
    uhm i am 21
    and botting haha i did much alreaqdy before most skill to 99 never got banned *cross fingers* hope never happends.
    nice meeting u all ^^
  2. Welcome, Richard. Hope you enjoy RuneMate and be careful botting with a high level character.
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  3. haha thankyou and i will but my char isnt that high yet just 51 :3
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    btw now i see that your online i have a question can i make runemate login my osrs account itself if yes how i dont know that yet:oops:
  4. Not sure what you mean exactly but if you select an account when running a bot, the account will be logged in automatically if it isn't logged in already.
  5. yeha i found that out but thnx only problem i have now is that the bot isnt klicking on excisted user u have to do that manual and from there the bot starts so if u sleep or are away and let bot on there isnt any gurantie that stays botting even if u get logged out

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