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  1. Username: Wyn
    Location: Canada
    Age: 22
    Interests: Intellij
    Particular skills: Java, Pascal, Delphi
    RuneScape Botting History: Autorune, Leo Sleep, Aryan, Scar, Simba, Arga, Nexus, Rsdemon, Rsbuddy, Powerbot, Epicbot

    I've seen it all with no intention of leaving the scene. Only seeing what's going on over here.
  2. Welcome to RuneMate @Wyn !!!! Glad to have you here :D
  3. Welcome to runemate wyn, glad to have you here. With those skills I hope to see some great scripts bots come from you :)
  4. I will not be able to write scripts bots here due to my work within Epicbot. Time is limited enough.
  5. Ah damn ,that's unfortunate. Would have been good to have you onboard with the other scripters.
  6. Welcome epic oldfag. It's a shame to hear that, but I'm sure your insight will be invaluable regardless. Plus there's always time to change your mind. ;)
  7. What's your skype?
  8. I never said I can't give feedback ;).

    When you nurture a project, you don't leave it.

  9. Equating change (and in this case improvement) to abandonment signals a high risk of stagnation.

    Disclaimer: My opinion might be biased. :p
  10. I highly doubt you would work on a website then leave afterwards, you want to improve it and make it the best of your ability.
  11. Of course, but I also wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket either. For example, I'm putting sweat and tears into RuneMate, but I also have a summer internship, go to university during the school year, and work on other side projects. I am sure you pursue many noble tasks outside of this scene, but I was just providing an example of hedging your time investments to maximize success rate. The reason this is a bit of a hot-button issue for me is because so many talented scripters have told me they prefer our platform to our competitors' and use it privately but are afraid to come out or publish, because of this completely bullshit concept of a "Non-Compete Agreement." I just wish people realized how in the context of our scene any such agreement is a whole load of crap and has absolutely zero legal standing. Even my 15 year old brother with no experience in economic theory can tell you that such blatant and futile attempts to monopolize the market do nothing but hamper learning and stifle ingenuity, the very pillars on which this scene was built. Given your extensive background, I'm sure you can testify that back in the golden days of SCAR the last thing on anyone's mind was lining our pockets and an NCA would've been laughed out of the room; we just wanted to learn damn it. My goal here at RuneMate is to facilitate as the backdrop for a community whose primary concern is the pursuit of knowledge. Of course we'll make a shitton of cash, but we won't even care because we'll be doing something far more worthwhile at the same time.

    tl;dr see bolded text

    P.S. It's late. I'm sleep deprived and feeling reminiscent. Sorry. XD
  12. Great to have you here, bro.
  13. No. The lack of time is the main reason, I've wrote scripts bots for powerbot while I was in epicbot...but I've dedicated all my time into Epicbot now; meaning no time for anywhere else. You're sleep deprived? :p I've been chugging coffee like it's water.

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