Hidden bars??

Discussion in 'General' started by happybotting, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, quick question.
    For some reason I have hidden bars (?) disabled or whatever it is.
    Its the message you get when starting an script bot.
    Can't find it under the RuneScape settings.
    Anyone knows?
  2. Yea it's because you can now use multiple action bars. You can display only one that works with your current keybinds - the other bar(s) will need to be clicked or assigned new keybinds. Just have a look in your settings, I'm pretty sure it's there ;)

    Edit: whoops, I misread that. It means you have the small window titles enabled. I never set them to big either and I never experienced any bugs because of it :p
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  3. Thanks, I dont really get something, should I use legacy, rs3, legacy with abilites??? Does it even matter?
    I mean for the scripts bots to work properly
  4. All bots *should* work in any mode, unless explicitly mentioned by the bot author. But for things like e.g. Divination, I personally prefer legacy as there are less interfaces that can cause the bot to get stuck :)

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