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  1. I have read the stickies but was hoping someone could shed some light on this.

    Scenario: 2 bots, both running actively, this is the result:

    99% CPU and almost 2GB RAM each.
    (Running clients on D3D, minimum settings)

    Now I understand using MemClean can probably cut RAM usage in half, correct?

    How about further CPU optimization? Any suggestions in this field?
  2. How long do you normally run the bots for to use that much CPU % & Memory? xD
  3. I use 2-3 RM clients, it usually eats up like 95% of my computer usage. CPU/RAM both exceeding 95% +

    Runemate is real heavy, lol
  4. Top one ran for 2.5 hours, second one just started up, less than 1 hour.
  5. There's definitely something wrong because the client only uses 5-15% per instance on my computer. And my cpu is from 2011 (i7-2600k).
  6. Share us your pc specs please :)
  7. Hard to say, running on a VPS. What I can see is 2.5Ghz Xeon, 2 cores. Might be a very old Xeon CPU?

    Edit: Just found out it's an Ivy Bridge Xeon (2012).
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  8. Xeon? Don't you mean a DEDI then instead of a VPS? :p
  9. That's more than likely your issue.
    Your clients are being run on a virtual machine I'd imagine, which is why you're limited to two cores of the Xeon.
    Xeons typically have quite weak cores, but make up for that in the fact that they have a ridiculous number of cores.

    TLDR: The CPU is good, but not in your situation where you don't have access to the entirety of its cores.
  10. meh, one instance of RM runs about ~35-40% of my cpu ( i5-4690k OC'd to 4.6Ghz) I don't really care that much but yeah :p
  11. I wish it was! Like Yubi says below, the sessions are being run on a VM, weak cores..

    Totally correct. Interestingly enough, I have tested a few different scenario's:
    1 CPU - 2 GB - Can run 1 bot - 99% CPU / 1 GB
    2 CPU - 4 GB / 8 GB - Can run 2 bots - 99% CPU / 1 GB per bot @ 4 GB, 2 GB per bot @ 8 GB
    4 CPU - 4 GB / 8 GB - Can run 2 bots - 90-99% CPU / 1 GB per bot @ 4 GB, 2 GB per bot @ 8 GB

    Seems like running 1 bot requires at least 1 CPU and 1 GB ram in order to run (very choppy gameplay).
    The more CPU power you give it, the more it will use in order to make the client run smooth.

    Now I have seen there is a command line argument to limit RAM usage when starting the client. Is there such a thing for limiting CPU power?

    So interesting, how can a CPU of a later generation and OC'd to 4.6Ghz use so much more CPU than a 2600k?

    Some say it might be due to type of bot/loop delays etc. but looking at all this, there must be something we can figure out in order to optimize everybody's experience, right?
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  12. True, yeah I have no clue. It really doesn't bother me anyways. It used to back before I added more ram to my system, but now I can run more bots than I'd ever honestly need to (without running a farm that is) and still have multiple AAA games open and no suttering/lag. :D Would be cool to optimize it though, maybe that will be one of the things Spectre will improve on :D
  13. I very much doubt that there is a command line parameter that allows you to limit performance, RAM limiting exists because naturally the default RAM allocation won't cover every program.
    The best you can do to my knowledge is setting program Affinity. To do this you enter Control Panel and find the process name of each client in the "Details" tab, right click one and click "Set Affinity", here you can limit which cores the client can use.

    Honestly I don't believe there's anything you can do for this issue.
  14. Wouldnt it help if he would set the priority of the task to the lowest?
    I hate Xeons, i am right to say that those are made for video editing purposes right?
  15. Setting priority won't really do anything, that merely determines which process should be addressed first. By making it lower in the priority you'll not really do anything to it, as he's strictly botting on that VPS to my knowledge.

    Xeons are actually more for professional use where stability is absolutely crucial, think simulations and a colossal amount of data processing. Every CPU has a chance of throwing errors and miscalculating (very poor way of explaining it), but Xeons are essentially the cream of the crop and are picked for their extremely low error rates. Naturally they come with other advantages such as lower heat output and power consumption too, which is kind of necessary when you consider multi-CPU configurations that would get very hot very fast.

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