RS3 [Highly Requested by users] A portables bot.

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by dahlback09, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. As there is a fair few skills that use portables and the 10% xp increase is such a big part of it all we really need a new portables bot that isn't completely bugged :)

    The only bot available for portals is a tad bugged and isnt being further developed! So I request a portables bot pleaseeeeeee <3. I will fund its development!

    Everyone post here to show your support and keep this active! I know you guys want cheaper crafting, herblore & smithing <3!
  2. U can train so many skills on portables.

    - smithing
    - herblore
    - fletching
    - crafting
    - cooking
    - firemaking

    - prayer (no extra bonusses for training prayer on a brazier, but its possible tho train it on ports tho :D)

    since portables are much closer to banks the XP rates are SO much better than regular bots that make use of the standard furnaces/ranges etc.

    Portables give about 11.11% of the raw materials back, which makes skiller cheaper.

    so thusfar its cheaper AND faster as non-portable bots.

    Portables are also great money,
    like portable sawmills (plank making) great money + protean planks, which are gr8 for constr XP
    Tanning hides on crafter: ~20k-30k hides an hr, ~3-5m profit an hr.
    (unf) pots @ well: ~2.5k pots an hr + 11.11% return on raw material, (stacks with Scroll of cleansing). ~2-4m an hr?

    just a little info for even more motivation to get a proper working, fast banking, flawless menu/interface interacting, own portables placinng portable bot (y)

    Sorry if i forgot about some stats that are possible to train with portables.
    PSS: happily to pay like 0.04$ an hr for a proper working one, since it also has decent money making options etc. and it safes u lots of $$ with training skills that u else had to pay for extra ingredients.
  3. Alexh666 has got a good amount of working portables bots I have got 2 99's with his bots and no ban :)
  4. Those are individual bots that support skilling on a portable, we prefer an AIO portables bot i guess
  5. Finishing up a Gilded Altar bot. Then this is what I'm going to work on next.
  6. It sucks because this bot exists and it just needs to fix the time between finishing a task and banking.....thats it, the only problem is that,
  7. The amount of skills you can train with 10% xp bonus, extra potions or whatever when using them and the fact you can make decent money im surprised there isnt more then one portable bot!

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