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  1. Welcome To My Service

    :: Slayer ::
    I can do any slayer task
    prices will be discussed depend on the task

    :: Dung ::

    100k tokens 25m
    200k tokens 40-50m
    Special offers for big orders

    :: Charming ::

    100 crimson charm 1m
    300 crmison charm 2.5m
    +300 discuss on Skype

    :: Void ::
    (1 helm + top + bottom) 15m
    (3 helms + top + bottom) 22m
    +gloves add 1.5m

    :: Kiln Sevice ::
    any cape 15-30m depending on stats
    Must have: atleast war tort - lvl80 in desired cape skill - t70 armour

    :: Quests ::

    Prices will be dicussed depend on complexity and time needed for quest to be completed

    :: Fire Cape ::

    10-15m depending on stats

    :: Other ::

    Want powerlevel or something else? Sure i Can do,, Just ask!

    Also check my RS3 Gold Store

    Note: All prices are negotiable
    Note: For now, I will be going first for staff,Bot authors,Supporters and players with high post count​

    :: Terms of Service ::
    1. During a service. You may not log into, change password of the account without my permission
    2. You will Provide anything needed for service
    3. You MUST change your password after the service is completed for your own safety
    4. If you have any substantial wealth on the account, it is your responsibility to protect it
    5. Once the service is complete you must leave Vouch
    6. You must fill out the order form and post on this thread
    7. We are not responsible for any bans as everything will be with hand not bot

    :: Order Form ::
    Agree to T.O.S:

    :: Kiln/Firecape order form ::
    Which Cape (Melee, Range, Mage) -
    Combat Level -
    Attack/Defense/Strength Levels -
    Range/Magic Levels -
    Prayer/Summoning Levels -
    What Gear/Weaponry Is Available -
    Do You Have Overloads/Dreadnips -

    :: Orders Completed/Vouches ::






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  2. Are the prices in rs3 and do you do 07 too?
  3. yes prices in rs3 and yes i do 07 too
  4. Can you give me an estimate on all free 07 quests?
  5. i guess i can do it while you are asleep
  6. I meant price wise
  7. you can add my skype: holako-pb
    so we talk about that
  8. I want 78-85 dung how much.
  9. Do you sell rs3 gp?
  10. 25m rsgp
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  11. nope sorry
  12. ah well
  13. Order: 78-85 Dung
    Skype: theonepchao
    Agree to T.O.S: Yes
  14. price for fremenick trials and lunar diplomacy please
  15. 8m both
  16. What's your price for 91-99 Dungeoneering?
  17. 30m
  18. order started

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