RS3 Holly Sh** $$$

Discussion in 'RS3' started by The Professor, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. damn man i bought 5k falador tabs 3 days ago and sold them yesterday bad mistake


    so mad omg cant even buy for 10k
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    bought for 20k ea fuck that
  2. Well make a tab maker bot then noob
  3. lmao thinking about it but i am not high a nuff con
  4. I'm waiting for cloud to review my tab maker for premium
  5. :^)

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  6. what the f
    I'm now checking all my old accounts for any tabs. >_>
  7. Why are they expensive now?
  8. sh*t n*gga
  9. n*g sh*tta
  10. Damn n*gga
  11. OSRS pls:)
  12. I'll be adding OSRS support to it soon :p
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