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Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by ozdev, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Care to share a copy of the Simba script bot? I tried Taric's cosher and it worked fine for about 15 hours and then it stopped working and no longer works correctly for me.
  2. please share :(
  3. Sharing is caring :p No really though, nice gainz M8
  4. simba with reflecion?>
  5. I would like to share, but author is a good m8, and didn't want anyone else to use it, except for people he trusts. He's pretty hella strict with his private bots :/ Sorry guys.
  6. At least your respectful enough to not post it without their permission. Some people wouldn't be so kind. :) Was it a private script bot you paid for? If so can you PM me? I'd like to contact the author to try to buy it if so :)
  7. Why not just pay someone here at RuneMate to make it? ;)
  8. True. didn't think about that actually. :D Totally slipped my mind :p
  9. True, runemate is more ideal then simba, but in a way, simba can run a bot for 50+ hours, where runemate cant reload client (unless it can now, i actually havent botted for more then 10 hours at a time to see)
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    No promises, I'll ask him if its ok

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