HoundSpan 1.02

Plays the runespan minigame for runecrafting experience

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    HoundSpan - Plays the runespan minigame for runecrafting experience

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  2. If one unchecked the f2p world mark, the bot does nothing, thought I'd let you know.
  3. Yeah I pushed a fix for that a few hours ago so once that goes live everything should be fine.

    Tomorrow I'll be implementing this new paint

    Dynamic signatures will also be coming soon.

    If there're any features you want, please do let me know.
  4. Woof woof
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  5. Next version will contain an option to ignore nodes as well as a new paint. Toggling mouse input on RuneMate hides/shows the paint.
  6. I love it so much Dog_
  7. Thanks, don't forget to post proggies :)
  8. How the fuck you fix the fucking Ram Bug?
  9. ?
  10. It using 850mb of ram, all scripts bots i use before use 2gb+
  11. wow lol
  12. Nice to see a runespan script bot! Will push a proggy later whenever that is :)
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  14. Thanks, all of that is planned for the next release (which will take a while, been quite busy)
  15. ill probably be 99 by then :p
  16. not working on top
  17. i was unable to test this at top level (or even mid) when I wrote this script bot, I'll fix it within a few hours. thanks for reporting
  18. u are welcome

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