How are you guys able to quest?

Discussion in 'General' started by Frozen, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Hi!

    I'm gonna make a new account only using RuneMate and I'm gonna try going for Quest cape on the side.

    I wonder how are you guys able to do this? Quests are something that have always bothered me and I just get extremely bored doing. How do you guys keep yourself "active" while doing quests?
  2. Just keep doing them. Push yourself to the end.

    If you're not on a schedule or anything, read the quest dialog and do it without a guide. Most quests have a good storyline and the characters say hilarious things.
  3. rs3 or rs07? I only need 9 more quests on 07 for quest cape. I think it is a lot of fun, if you get bored quickly, then maybe that isnt the right goal for you. You can try using readable guides and listening to music while questing, maybe that will help.
  4. Yeah I agree I did read most on my OSRS account which got around 190 quest points. It's hard to motivate yourself doing everything over again, for like the 4th time.

    This is going to be for RS3 by the way guys.
  5. <--- has comp cape
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  6. <--- is not impressed
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  7. The rewards. Prifdinnas is the main drive behind doing all the elf quests. Soulsplit is the drive to complete Mahjarrat quest, etc etc.
  8. I really enjoy quests, in my opinion its an incentive to train those neglected skills. Plus, the rewards are decent and you feel pretty chuffed after completing a difficult quest.
  9. Need all quests for completionist:(
    They don't take long if you skip the bullshit dialogues, and don't give a shit about the lore.
  10. Yeah gl on mourning's end II with that lol
  11. They ain't that bad tbh
  12. To be honest, it's more efficient to pay someone else to quest.
  13. I can always help u get that quest cape =D
  14. I hold down space during dialogues for the most part... But sometimes I like finding those references and jokes, making them doable :D
  15. Done ;)

    It's actually a really fun puzzle. Just takes aaaages and you need a good strategy.
  16. Oh well, I guess it's just to push myself!

    I won't bother creating a new account but I'm just gonna stick training my main account which I have trained by myself.
    Will try botting as careful as you can be, and go for completionist cape on the side.
  17. Primarily for the rewards at the end, especially the one for Prif. The city was worth the long grind.
  18. Almost every quest I've done (besides mourning's 2, firemakers curse and one small favor) it's just the build up to the quest that is the hardest but once I get going its super fun and easy. I don't even skip through a lot of the dialog any more because I actually started liking the lore lol. the vast majority of quest won't take you more than an hour is you have decent stats and an even greater majority wont take you more than 2

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