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Discussion in 'RS3' started by Vox, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. so recently I received a 2day ban for the first time on my 10 year old account. Long story cut short I messed up and it was my fault I got banned. Anyways. How long do the boy band atay on your account? Are they permanent? Will it ever be safe to not on this account again? This is my first ban i have ever got and I have 9 99's all botted.
  2. i got caught botting on rs3 and every account that i try to make gets banned right away. so idk if its just me but becareful
  3. Can I get anymore input on this?
  4. I think takes 1 year for the offence to expire.

    I'd just wait for Spectre if I were you. 9 99's is very easy to get in rs3, so I wouldn't put an end to the botting adventure just yet.
  5. I keep hear about specttre and how good it's suppose to be but what is so different about it that makes it so much better then the current botting?
  6. It's better in every aspect.

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