How come everything is free on RM?

Discussion in 'General' started by NottaBot, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. What's the catch?
  2. I'd assume it's because it's a small and relatively new community
  3. This, and because the RuneMate client is still in beta (v1.0.0 beta 66).
  4. Be optimistical see this as a oppurtunity rather then a "catch" :).
  5. It's still being perfected and bots are constantly being added.
  6. Who gives a fuuuuuck. We don't get banned, we have bots and nice people. Triiiiiifector.
  7. The reason for the low prices is due to the beta but i believe you will always be able to buy supporter for 1$ premium scripts bots will be out sooner or later.
  8. We don't want to put up for sale a product that is not yet completed and that we believe it be perfect. There is still much more work to do and Cloud and Arbiter are doing an amazing job. Enjoy it :)
  9. The reason that things are free right now is because we enjoy developing it and we want to deliver an amazing product. In the future we will be adding premium scripts bots but for now our priority is keeping you guys happy.
  10. Enough said. I wondered this for myself some time ago.
  11. Oh no, i wish everything was free for a long time :( :(
  12. Most bots will still be free after we go out of beta.
  13. well if i need to help support to keep the site going i will throw in like 10 or 100 every mouth :)
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  14. Donations are always violently appreciated. Just upgrade your account.

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