How difficult is it to learn to write Spectre Bots?

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  1. I've gone through the tutorials section and so far it seems like basic Java, just really knowing classes and interfaces. Does that seem correct? I've got a good basic knowledge of java (2-3 years of college courses + outside projects) and would love to start writing my own bots. Once exams are over this week, I'll start looking into making basic things like powermining and high-alching.. but am wondering if there are any big hiccups or difficulty in learning that I should be prepared for.

    Also is there really a big difference in coding for Spectre as opposed to the old Runemate, or other bots like TB, Dreambot, OSB, etc? (Can block out those bot names if needed)
  2. Just hop into it and mess with it until you get familiar with the API, it's not any harder than anything else, just looks overwhelming at first until you start doing stuff with it.
  3. It is relatively easy, especially with all the help from the forums. Here's a guide you should follow to get started. Also, the Java Docs will be your best friend.
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  4. I think the hardest part would be to make your bot as efficient as possible to compensate spectre's relatively slow/expensive method calls.
    But it is definetely possible. Especially when starting a new project, if you follow best practices, it's easy to maintain good and efficient code.
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  5. I started coding just under 3 weeks ago and I have 6 bots out. They are by no means perfect but they get the job done.

    So - like above, easy enough in concept but optimisation takes time.

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