How do i "bot safe?"

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  1. tl;dr what can i do to avoid being banned when boting

    So i have a single account that i have been botting the shit out of for a while, i normally play rs3 every few months, and have been doing so for about 3 years.

    Now as i said, when i do play i bot. Normally just to earn cash, so chopping and shafting or mining and smelting cannonballs. What i am saying is that i dont really do anything myself exept sell stuff. I dont know if this could be a trigger for my account.

    I didnt bot from the start though, i progressed legit for a bit, compleating some quests and leveling up.

    What i am asking is, what can i do to avoid being banned when botting. Should i do quests every now and then? How long should i leave the bot running at once? Any other general tips would be very much apriciated :)
  2. Personally, I would bot in intervals of 2 hours, maximum. Then wait an hour or so before botting again. You should also remember to switch up your botting routine, don't bot the same skill for a whole day. Play on worlds that are not highly populated, this reduces the risk of players trying to communicate with you, and in turn end up reporting you for not replying. If you plan on running a new script bot that has just been released, remember to babysit the bot and do not leave it on overnight.

    - I just realised you wrote that you also use the bot to mine, I would be very cautious of mining bots. It doesn't matter how good the anti-ban is, mining is being monitored vigorously at the moment. I've had a few decent accounts banned for mining whilst botting smart.
  3. Woah, this is almost the opposite of what I do lol. I bot for 14-16 hours every day. On most days I'm mining iron ore with f2p bots. Some days I bot some other skills to make my accounts not look like bots as much. I try to use the emptiest worlds and I bot overnight. During the day (when the bots are off), I login to them and transfer money, train some other skills, etc. I've been doing this for over 2 months now and I only got banned when I was using an account that had all lvl 1's except for lvl 75 mining. It probably got reported a lot since its skills weren't spread out at all.
  4. Then that means, I'm a very unlucky person. :(

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