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  1. Hey people, I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea or some little guide how to set-up Proxy for Runemate client as I want to play main and bot a toon, don't want my main to get banned from IP ban just encase. Thanks in advanced.
  2. Are you wanting a paid proxy or using free?
  3. Free, I dont mean a VPN but I mean proxy settings on the runemate client. This is because I want to play main as well if I change IP via VPN wont it change it for both clients?
  4. As far as I'm aware, Runemate only supports non-https proxies. So find a proxy server local to you(runemate will not work with proxies with too high ping), enter the IP address and Port into the bottom section of the Runemate login/welcome window and should be good to go. If the proxy isnt working runemate will tell you, and try another. The only thing about public proxies is there is the slightest chance that someone else may have had the same idea and be botting on it too. But at the end of the say, the chances of that happening are slim-nil.
  5. Thank you very much, for some reason it sometime freezes when I try and change the proxy and log in
  6. Yeah the Client keeps crashing when I login with a proxy
  7. You have to use a socks proxy. If it crashes, then it's a bad proxy.
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