Question how do I view mouse?

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  1. How do I view the mouse on the bot?
    also whats this I hear about playing legit in the bot will make the bot learn from you?????
    also how do I slow the mouse down?
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  2. 1. You can't. RuneMate is playing on a official client, so you can't see the trail.
    2. Clouse will detect your mouse movement, and then the bot will gather that info and create it's own mouse movement based on yours.
    3. Go to settings (top right in RuneMate) and lower the mouse multiplier

    Hope it helps :)
  3. thank you @RobinPC

    One last question, How do I activate Clouse? Do I pause my script bot then start playing legit?
  4. You are using the official client I suppose. Just play legit for about 30 min and you are good to go ;)
  5. yeah I have two runescape clients runescape legacy + normal runescape client.
  6. So basically we need to pause the bot, play for aprox 30 minutes legit in the runescape client, then resume the bot?
  7. EDIT: nvm
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  8. this is what I am trying to explain :)
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