Question How do you find the coordinates of an object?

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by paulsniper19, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. object.getPosition() or object.getArea() if it's a larger object that covers multiple tiles.
  2. Sorry..I meant how to determine the value of the coordinates of an object. I just found the dev tool :) thanks though :D
  3. You should join our Dev Chat. These kinds of questions are commonplace and get immediate answers.
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  4. oooo okay...will do thanks :)
  5. I'm on there most of the time, and unlike when you post on the forums, I receive a notification. I love helping people out in dev chat. (y)
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  6. Hey guys...posting here cuz I didn't get a response on Slack.

    How do I configure the delay of the GroundItem.Interact? Like how do I make the bot click an object as soon as it appears?

    How do I make the mouse hover over a certain coordinate?
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  7. You didn't post in Slack, lol.
  8. LOL! I think I was posting to the Slack bot XD my bad

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