Resolved How Do You Move The Mouse To A 'Point?'

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  1. Mouse.getPosition() returns a Point so how do you make the mouse move to that Point in the future?

    Do we use Mouse.PathGenerator.hop(new Point(x,y))? Then, to click that point, do we just use

    Is this how it's done? I have tried this but so far it doesn't seem to be working. Is there a better way?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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  3. InteractablePoint point = new InteractablePoint(new Point(x, y));;
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  4. What @SlashnHax said is correct but this practice is HIGHLY discouraged.
  5. @Vaped

    I should provide some context. What I am doing is, interacting with some object with: (GameObject).interact(INTERACTION_NAME).

    If the interactions is successful, then I save the mouse position and other variables. Now, the next time I interact with the same object, if the interaction fails in x-attempts, then I attempt to use the mouse position of a previous successful interaction, given that the other variables meet some condition. This was all just pure experimentation.

    My whole reason behind doing this is that sometimes, interacting with some game objects fails too often; leaving the bot just standing there for long periods of time. Are there better ways of interacting with objects? (Better in the sense that it doesn't fail to click/interact with the object more than 10 times.).
  6. Hey! What you are wanting to do is create a setForcedModel ().
    This will create a model for the gameobject you would like to click on rather than using the default ones, as Rough Walls and a few others are bugged.
    However, due to the difficulty of this, I would suggest that you try to find something else as I have tried myself and others have been notified, but nothing has happened. Good luck. If you are experience with Swing, I would suggest trying to create a JPanel and trying to render the model on it. There are threads about this, but no solutions. Sorry I can't help any more. It had bothered me also.

    Apparently @Arbiter may be working ion something, but it is just a rumor right now. No proof,
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    Did that help?
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  7. @awesome123man

    Thank you for the suggestions.

    I "have" noticed that the current models are bugged. Also, that's exactly what I am having issues with: Rough Walls. I will look into creating my own models and I will let you know if I am successful.

    I have a little bit of experience with Swing but it's definitely something I want to gain more experience with so I'll look into toying around with that as well. I might create a Dev-Tool if I manage to create something worthwhile.

    I see that you are also a Bot Author. If you want to collaborate on any of these things, let me know. I more than welcome any help.
  8. I am a bot author, but mediocre at best. I have almost no experience with Swing or Gui stuff. I have knowledge only from a high school computer science course. I would be up for helping in anyway, but I just want you to know that these weeks are crazy busy for me. With tests every other day basically for college credits.
    Just PM me with things that I can try to help you with, or join the developer chat on
  9. School... been there, done that. No worries.

    I will get started tonight :D I'll PM you when I find any leads with these issues.

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