how in fucks name do people manage to afford phats?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by caithecool, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. rare items give me a serious hard on. like not just in runescape, pretty much all games i will seriously want to own something thats discontinued or there is a limited number of. phats are pretty much the blowjobs of runescape, everybody wants one, and its bloody hard to get there.

    now im not asking for a fucking guide to get to 3 billion, rather a general explenation as to how people do it.
    at first i assumed the only way would be through betting, but it seems that botters make alot aswell.
    so are the people that own phats just the mules of the gold selling websites? with all the gold just shipped in from a mass of botting accounts, or is there more to it. i mean some legitimate players have managed to get to that level, but i can only assume through staking. but you all know alot more than me lol. so awnser away :)
  2. Flipping/Merchanting is probably the best way if you're decent at it, I couldn't even think of where to begin though.
  3. you need time. Thats it.
  4. Staking... too many bug abusers atm doe
  5. Buying gold, gold farming, staking, flipping, luring, bug abusing in duel arena, getting high lvl pvm drops like on release arraxor and telos.
  6. who cares it has no function.
  7. it does have 1 pratical function, it serves as a money holder for people who have cash thats over the limet
  8. Spirit shards are way better unless you're looking to hold the cash for 1+ year in partyhats. That's because you're gonna get merched the fuck out.
  9. Everyone I know who owns a phat has merched/flipped to it. (+ some pvm drops on the side)
  10. maybe see if you can get a dildo and put it up your ass that should keep your money holding secure.
  11. whoa whoa why so hostile ;-;
  12. not being hostile just trying to be funny
  13. alright :)
  14. lol

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