How likely is it to get banned on OSRS?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by nana7, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. hey so i wanted to start playing/botting OSRS, i usually play in the day and bot over night almost every day on RS3 and havent been caught for a long time now, i was wondering if i was to do the same on OSRS (botting over night and sometimes the whole day almost every day) how quick would i get banned? about a year ago i got banned in 2days
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    You get banned if caught. simple as that. It's all about how you bot and where you bot.

    so you are most likely going to be banned in min 1 or never. who knows. don't get caught and you shall not be banned.
  3. OSRS has way higher ban rates compared to RS3. With that said, you could be banned within 5min, or maybe never get banned. It all depends on your luck and if you bot safely.
    Good guide:
    How to bot safely | Community | RuneMate

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