Resolved How much RAM is this bot actually gonna use?

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  1. This is ridiculous 1.5 GB of RAM for one bot? Come on... it has been over 3 months since I used this bot and this issue is still active?
  2. Does this only occur with one bot ?
    If so, the bot has some RAM leaking issues, and you should report them to the Bot Author.
    Meanwhile, try using a program like CleanMem and set it to clean RAM + Cache every 1 minute.

    If its RuneMate which I doubt, @Arbiter or @Cloud will look into this asap [im sure]
  3. It's not only one bot, no. I'm running one that I made and one that is from the forum (Celestial Runespan to be exact.) both take a lot of RAM.
  4. Which game are you running, RS3 or OSRS? If it's RS3 then your complaints are completely without basis as the official game client uses over 1gb of RAM itself. If you're talking about OSRS, 1.5GB is still within acceptable range for us. The game itself takes 700MB and you're running reflection based automation software on top of it. Please refer to for a better understanding of why RAM usage is good.
  5. I'm running RS3, btw.
    I just ran it for a couple of minutes in-game doing some tasks for a few minutes, just to try it out.

    Ignore the java.exe running with 400K. The 1.6GB 1.4GB are Runemate, lmfao.

  6. Like I said we are very happy with those amounts of RAM usage based on the reasons I provided earlier.
  7. This is ridiculous. Your bot is amazing and all, but the RAM usage is insane. If Jagex client uses 500KB max, I don't think Runemate should be using 3x that lol.
  8. It also depends on your Runescape graphical settings ofcourse ;)
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    My RuneMate is running RS in re-sizable mode on high-settings.
  9. Also were you even logged in to the official game client when you took that screenshot?
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    Reflection is an expensive method. You have to pay a price to not be banned every 15 minutes. :p
  10. Yeah I was, but it shouldn't still be 3x the main client that's no excuse to be honest lmao.
  11. It's not an excuse, it's a reason. Take it or leave it.
  12. If your really concerned about your RAM, I suggest you to use a safe RAM cleaner.
    Here's a comparisation:

    Before using CleanMem
    When using CleanMem
  13. LOL I wish all of my bots used that much ram compared to what they do at the moment :p I had one running for 18 hours and it was just over 8GB. Here's what they look like normally though. the 1.2GB one is just sitting in lobby, that's why it's so low. [​IMG]
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    I mean, you could just upgrade the RAM in your pc. With all the cash you save from having to buy membership from being banned so much in the past before using RuneMate, I think it's a great investment personally.
  14. How are you using CleanMem cauase when I use it, it just cleans it and it returns back to 1.2GB ram.
  15. download link pls? XD
  16. Really? google CleanMem and it's like the 2nd link lol.
  17. [​IMG]
    When set, manually clean your RAM by using Menu> Clean [both] to apply.

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