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  1. Hi how much will it cost for a personal bot, from a premium bot maker?
  2. Maybe ask a premium bot author? But i doubt less than 50$
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  3. Ok say I can pay 30-40$ , what's my steps do I make a video of what I need the bot to do or just describe?what I want is quite simple ,,, and just want to know once I pay will I get updades support?
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    I might as well just get to a point , I want a blue dragons bot in darkscape support range and porters, also can do quick changes as I see bots all go for 1 dragon
  4. That would come around 50$-70$ as i said. And for the bots you are talking they all probably just interact with the nearest one (easiest way for scripters to achieve that, so that is very common).
  5. will you be able to provide that service can pay 40$
  6. Add my skype: miha3999

    we will discuss more about this.
  7. can only do 2row after 6pm uk time, is that ok
  8. If that means tomorrow yea sure
  9. miha Russian?
  10. Slovenian. But i speak ukrainian and some russian. Why?
  11. No reason , ya toje po ruski govaru :) don't worry about bot just seen that they shutting down darkscape
  12. They what?
  13. darkscape will be shut down end of this month
  14. Never played darkscape, but Jagex is horrible when it comes to this stuff. They're known to shut down their game out of the blue when things aren't going so well.. Funorb went through the same fate, but was never announced. I wonder when this will happen to osrs.
  15. thing is they can keep it , why have so many worlds? keep 2 worlds have them maxed out, plus make them members only, money inn ..
  16. Exactly.:: it's s shame because they don't care about how many hours people put into the game. I really feel bad for the people who bought gold though lol.
  17. And time invested. Damn we have to bot even more to show them who is in charge
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  18. I hope they introduce pre-eoc server:)

    way more success than darkscape
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    A kde te ževeš?

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