How often do Runem8ers get banned while using Runem8?

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  1. As the title implies, I am curious.
  2. not much m9
  3. Aight, while corpse spider farming I met a guy who was pretty scared of botting because he thinks you will get banned by Jagex 100% especially if you use a client. He says that RS will detect the client and turn out bans in a week or 3.

    Because I personally see Jagex as a lazy motherfucking company and since it was all just speculation, I thought to myself; ''Why don't I ask experienced users?''

    BTW, I've read a lot of script bot descriptions for bots, scripts bots, hacks, mods and all that good stuff all over the internet so I've seen a recurring theme of shitty English from quite a lot of different programmers. Since you seem like you are an experienced programmer I want to ask you, ''Why...? Why not just ask someone to translate or word it perfectly instead, lol''
    In all honesty, I have not read your mod descriptions, so I am ''barefootin' heerr''.
  4. only account that was banned was a suicide goldfarm account
  5. Had one banned this dxp weekend, but botted for ridiculous amounts (20 hours +) so I expected it somewhat.

    And another one a while ago when I forgot to turn off a bot and it ran for 32 hours.

    Conclusion: if you don't bot ridiculous amounts you'll be fine. ;)
  6. I botted 16 hours+ a day over the summer and only one of my 4 bots got banned. The one that did get banned did go through a lot of IP's though.
  7. this.
    i just got banned cuz of 1 script bot.
    ran my bot 24/7, but i was stupid enough to use a script bot that failed a lot and was too botlike..
    As long as u just use the right bots u wont get banned, not sure if runtime impacts the banrate, i think it doesnt, some ppl do think it does.

  8. which bot?
  9. SS bonfire i think.
    Since celestials was not working at the time :/ shouldve waited for celestials :p but i was on a road to get 8 99's in 2 weeks. and firemaking was my last one and i had 2 days left ... had no time to wait
  10. A while ago I botted an account for over 120 hours straight on osrs at red chins without a ban
  11. I haven't been banned for botting.
  12. Got 2 accounts banned but it was like 6 months ago. Now i bot smarter*
  13. Can you go into detail on how you bot smarter?
  14. Best to bot certain types of bots while watching and some can leave without watching for example you can leave fletching and herblore bot running at ge on world 2 and cooking bot in rouges den on world 2 others skills id watch while bot runs. other thoughts make sure the bot is human like enough if it seems too unhuman don't use even if your desperate and limit the amount of time you use a bot or add the appropriate breaks. Try to stay as human like as possible.
    Stick with skills and methods that stay away from \other player contact. :D Bot smart
  15. If we were to keep track of bans using RuneMate, you'd see that it is a ridiculously lower amount than most bots out there because we take precautions, we have some anti-ban built-in technology and our client itself is not detectable. The bans are really unpredictable, even though you see people saying that got banned because of what we call suicide botting, there are people that bot like there's no tomorrow and still don't get caught. Anyway I'd say that it is better to follow the conventional wisdom and don't bot exaggeratedly (like more than 5 hours a day).
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  16. I bot nearly 24 hours a day on my main account, never had an issue. It's down to the fine points. Stay away from populated areas, use well constructed bots, and don't bot stupid or pointless things. For example why would someone with level 85 woodcutting be at Draynor Willows in World 2 with 1 in every other stat and never talk.
  17. I meet a guy yesterday saying that mod pi bans all bots out there in 1-3 days. So a bot cannot last longer than 3 days...

    Yeah, he seems to know what he is talking about...
  18. Can't speak for low/newer accounts. But every account I've seen/own that's at least 5+ years old has only ever been banned due to incompetence.
  19. When I first started my bot farm I kept getting banned cuz this is what I would be doing wrong. I would make 10 fresh new emails all very similar with only like 1 number off counting upward all with same password and when it came to making the accounts I used all very similar names all of which were gibberish like "sdgrgsrefsefg" and would bot for 12 hours break for 8 hours and repeat on all accounts. All accounts had the same password, would have about 2 bots in each world, would only train one skill and the rest would be level 1 on a level 3 accounts. This resulted in being banned very quickly on all accounts.

    To sum up how I started botting smarter and have not yet been banned is
    1. Made 10 fresh emails that had absolutely no similarities in them at all. <- This parts key​
    2. When making 10 fresh accounts use all different outfits but never female characters as they will get guys wanting to engage in conversation with you and the goal here is to avoid other contact as much as possible to not get reported.​
    3. Choosing a non-bot like name. I know traditionally you've seen the whole "lililililili" or "xfvzdfbzdbf" but those stand out like who would actually name their rs character that? So name your bot something cool like omletstake or GoblinBarf something a little kid would pick, try to think of something no one would want to talk to.​
    4. Train some combat stats anywhere from 20's to 40's to look like a real f2p noob and not a botter. Yes this does take time and preparation to set up each account if you want a low ban rate.​
    5. Invest time into finding bots on here that fit your need and run them while babysitting for a short period of time or a "test run" to make sure everything is smooth. You do not want any bots that move sporadic or spam click a bunch as those are common hints that you might be botting and can get you reported.​
    6. Once you've found your ideal bot farm location with a low banrate start a schedule and take breaks. I tend to bot for 12 hours straight with 8 hours downtime and then back to 12. I have a lot of free time so I can babysit most of my bots for several of the 12 hours if need be. It's bet to keep an eye on your bots and have it set up so they log back in and continue to work if anything happens to log them out.​
    7. Do not suicide bot 1 skill, I looks suspicious having a level 3 account only high wc, mining, or fishing. If you followed step 4 and trained your combat up some now is the time to do a few quests. A wise saying is "A single quest a day keeps the bans away" I typically do 2 a day and now have finished them all other than dragon slayer on my farmers. They look like total noobs not bots.​
    9. Collect anywhere from 1 day - 7 days worth of supplies on your farmers and then trade all of the materials to your one mule account(a low level account only used for storing money and/or supplies). I normally just trade all my supplies from my farming accounts to my mule every day in case of the slim chance where I could get banned with a weeks worth of supplies on it; but with that being said I have gone a week of gathering before transferring all supplies to a mule once then began selling.​
    10. Once all supplies are sold on GE from mule account, transfer all profit earned to a main account (not botted).​
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