How safe is botting with rune mate?

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  1. Hi all I'm new to the whole botting scene and want to bot my 96-99 divination, what are the ban rates with these scripts bots ? Or are they very rare ? I'll be botting around 6 hours per day, thanks.
  2. Well i got banned this morning for using maximiner so be careful. But its safer than rsbot.
  3. i haven't been banned yet and i have been using this bot for 1 week already on 2 accounts.
  4. What scripts bots?
  5. If you're going to be botting for that long then it's highly dependent on what script bot you're running.
  6. Well if you bot 6 hrs straight every day, you could get banned pretty fast. But randomize the hours you bot , take breaks and train other skills, then there isn't much risk.
  7. The client itself is undetected as of this moment. The only time I've been banned is by suicide botting or my script bot got stuck. Compared to shitbot where I get banned in <48 hours
  8. wine crabber and flax spinner
  9. Guys so far I am impressed I have been suicide botting a f2p account doing willows, I am currently level 89! So that's a pretty sick achievement!

    Bot smart guys, and somewhere far away from people
  10. Basically, Jagex uses a ton of different factors to determine if a player is a bot or not and if too many flags are raised then the ban hammer will fall. I would say botting with RuneMate is extremely safe if done right. The reason for this is that RuneMate covers quite a few of the behaviors that Jagex analyzes, but there are a few factors that RuneMate cannot control like reporting players and script bot behavior.
    If your intent is to hop onto the game and train a new F2P account straight to a 99 without doing anything else I would say that would be much more on the dangerous side, as someone new to the game would probably spend a lot of time training skills in unison. So to avoid ban rates I would say to change up your behaviors and try to blend in with the crowd.

    There are quite a few things you should do to prevent your account from being banned:

    Read the thread here:

    TL;DR: RuneMate covers the some of the technical things Jagex looks for, you need to blend in with the crowd by acting like the crowd, avoid looking like a bot, do these and you can easily avoid a ban.
  11. Well i nonstop botted 85 mining, now taking a break and doing some FM - not nonstop.
  12. Lol i got banned for mining within a few hours. I think there's some luck involved, or they already caught be but didn't ban me immediately.
  13. Jagex confirmed that they do delay bans in order to confuse botters.
  14. Safer than sex with a girl on birth control using a condom with her tubes tied.
  15. Make sure you don't have a schedule (wake up at 7 am, run it from then until 1 pm, then repeat the cycle every day), if you do it at random times and sometimes take a break for a day you'll throw them off.
  16. Yeah i try to do that. Tbh even if i leave it un-attended my internet connection is not stable at all, so it'll dc me and then i wont be there to log back in. So that saves me a few hours of being logged in.
  17. all botted in the last week or so, seems fairly safe so far (purposely stayed away from mining)

  18. Mining is pretty safe.
  19. Yeah testing it out now, 45+ just iron banking so far.
  20. Ill upload a photo tomorrow off all the stats I have achieved in 10 hours a day of botting using RM.

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