How 'safe' would you consider the client?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Dan, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Hey, as I have yet to done thorough botting with Runemate(only just testing scripts bots I've written), I am still quite unsure about the detectability of the client.

    I am not asking about what the chances of getting banned are from actually botting, I am asking what the chances of getting banned are if I was to just login to my maxed main to just collect data for my scripts bots, not actually bot.

    So, my question is: Can you get banned from simply logging into the client?

    Your response is much appreciated. Thanks :D
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  2. You know when you are trying to throw a ball at something 100 meters away, you hitting the object is 1 in a 1 000 000.

    Just by logging in to the client I can garantuee with what I have seen that it's impossible.

    I've been hardcore botting latley and I don't even get banned at the most obvious spots...
  3. How safe is the client? Safe.

    Can you get banned from simply logging into the client? Not as far as I'm aware, I'm yet to get banned since I started using RuneMate.
  4. The client is not detected. Chances are very very low.
  5. Awesome. Thats all I needed. I guess now I can write scripts bots for anything. Just didnt want to lose my main, botting a maxed account was enough work already lol.
  6. I mean if the client itself was detectable we would all get insta-banned.

    So just go for it I am botting my main as we speak 2200 total level... so yeah.
  7. Ah, I see you've joined us from the far away land called powerbot!
    To answer your question, no. You won't be banned for signing and using the client to play.
    Heck, chances are quite low that you'll get banned when you use the client to bot, too. If you browse the forums you'll see very few users banned. :)

    Best of luck in your botting endeavors.

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