How to always interact with left click?

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by g4802011, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. There is no way I would ever right click when doing like agility or clicking on monkfish spot. Also the bot sometimes misclicks the options in right click menu, which is human, I guess, but I'd rather not right click some things, ever.
    There's no current way to force left click interaction afaik, maybe supplying an empty String would work?
  3. Nope, just hovers it. But thanks, I guess Ill use click()
  4. its a good idea :) i also agree
  5. I would like my frost dragon bot to only use right click for interacting with dragons @Cloud
  6. Always right click? That's a lot easier to safely implement than forcing left clicks.
  7. Yea i have noticed over the months that left clicks sometimes miss when interacting with frost dragons, probably one in ten times.

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