How to "babysit" your bot[s] when AFK

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  1. I've came up with an really simple, yet effective way to babysit your bot.
    We all know once you dont talk/reply in-game, there's a change of you getting reported.
    So by using the steps below, your lowering your changes of being caught.
    I'll explain to you how to afk babysit your bot.

    NOTE: This will only work well if your in the same room, or having remote access to your pc.

    1. Start of by downloading and installing WinAutomation from
    2. Once done, create a new project and called it whatever you'd like.
    3. Add the "loop" action [as seen in the image below]
    4. Add the "if image" action [as seen in the image below]
    5. Open up the "If image" properties.
    6. Go back to your RuneMate and make sure you're logged into RS.
    7. Type something in the chat box and use the "Capture Image" option in WinAutomation.
    8. Capture a "pixel" of the text you've typed and press "OK".
    9. Add an action called "Play Sound" between the "If Image" and "End If".
    10. Open up its properties and click on the small pice of paper to select your WAV sound.
    11. After clicking "OK", open up the "Loop" properties and set "Start From" to 0 and "End To" to -1 [<infinite]
    12. Save the project and run it. [while having the RuneMate client opened on the foreground]
    13. Turn up your sound volume on your PC, and you can leave your PC.
    14. Be sure to test it tho ;)

    If your going out of your room, on holiday or w/e, then do this:

    1. Install TeamViewer on your Computer and run it.
    2. Make sure to enable the following settings:
    3. Save the ID and Pass somewhere safe.
    4. Connect your phone/tablet/laptop to the Internet using either WiFi or 3G/4G.
    5. Download and installed the TeamViewer app from either Google Play or the AppStore.
    6. Connect to your computer, and make sure your phone's volume is UP.
    That's it !

    Whenever someone talks to you in-game, you will be notified, and have the ability to reply to it even when your not around.
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  2. or use celestial bots
  3. Forgot to mention that haha
    I'll add it now :D
    Altho, your method only works when near your PC ofcourse.
    The TeamViewer option will still apply to your bots ;)
  4. ^
  5. yeah i'll come up with a solution for that soon(tm) :)
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  6. I love the phone method, I remember I'd use to sit in class and just watch RS instead of listening to the teacher. :p
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  7. I don't see any images. And I tried to select 1 pixel. the wav kept palying over and over again
  8. You can't really see the pixel you selected.
    Make sure you type something in the chat without actually submitting it.
    So, type something and capture the pixel.
    Then delete the text and start the job.
  9. What do you mean with pixel? A letter? Blue text?
    Because after someone typed something the chat box is already used. So it will keep recognizing the pixel
  10. Another thread which I can link people to for a safer botting experience;)

    tbh i'm too lazy
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  11. Blue pixel of the text you typed.
    If your planning on going somewhere remote, go to that location and go to lobby and get back in.
    This will clear your session chat.
    But if your in a crowded area, you should take an image of your username typed in chat instead.

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