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  1. Hi, my laptop is a decent laptop its i7, 8gb, 2.2ghz but my runescape runs at like 10-20 FPS, im running minimal seeting and done that 'old school' setup trick and its still not running any differently. The only and last solution i can think of now is dedicating more memory or ram to the runemate client to make it run faster. If anyone knows how to do this and link me to a video on how to do it or show me how i'd be really greatful. Ive seen videos on how to dedicate more ram and ive gone on to the console on my runemate client whilst playing to see how much memory im using at the moment and its 1804MB i don't know if that is alot but that is the amount whihc its been set at without me changing it.It also isn't just RuneMate, its lags like it does on the normal runescape client as well

    Any suggestions or further help will be appreciated!
  2. Make a .bat file to run runemate from.
    -Xmx1024m (I think)

    How are you only on 2.2 ghz as an i7. I'm at 2.5 on an i5 could be another problem.
  3. just checked, its definatly 2.2ghz, how do i make this file, where do i put this? sorry complete beginner
  4. on desktop
    Right click -> Text Document
    You're gonna have to look it up, i know its on here somewhere for the contents of the .txt
    And then save as bat file.
  5. i work at a electro store, and there are i7 with 1.6Ghz :p
  6. Yea those are the 1st generation i7's. They suck pretty hard compared to what an i7 is today. :)
  7. There are even models like that in new pc's :p
  8. You don't need anything to download anything else than the .jar file. The .bat file should be created by yourself :p

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