How to drop trade after temp ban

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by KillerMac, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. So i got temp banned on my main after about 7 hours of inconsistent botting on various things, now as I await my one week period to go back to no restrictions I can't even drop any amount of coins, they simply disappear, anyone know a way around this, I cant seem to buy a single thing off the ge even through another account now unless the person drops it for free which I doubt will happen, am I doomed to wait a week of in time gameplay just to be able to drop trade/trade?
  2. I think you have to wait it out :/
  3. I'm pretty sure Jagex blocks all method of cash/item transfer.
    You'll have to wait until your unbanned.
  4. I too have the same restriction... a week of IN-GAME time is a lot of time! I plan to work on gathering skills (woodcutting, fishing etc) and do a tonne of quests to kill the time. Despite the annoyance of not being able to trade, at least we weren't perm banned, right?!
  5. If a vriend of your drops a pickaxe for example. You can pick it up, or atleast you could when i had a tempban.
  6. Yeah I guess its a good thing we weren't permabanned, when I took my break from rs 249 days ago I was botting like a motherfucker on two accounts mind you, not a damn thing could touch me, I have no idea how they upped their defense level so high and how people haven't been able to counter it, oh well, I can only hope for spectre cause right now I feel like a total Ironman account, they really penalize you badly.
  7. red portal bro

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