How to get 99 fletching?

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  1. By botting. I got to 96 on a main that I had for a month. I admittedly suicide botted (e.g 10 hours per day nonstop, sometimes through the night). I went through Bot Busting Moderate to a Macroing Major and a level I also had fletching on the side was also perma banned.

    This was the second ban I had on a main and surprisingly I felt no emotion, just bumed out. If I were to still try for 99 again, what would my plan be? Bot 3 hours, break 1 hour, then another 3 and call it a day and do legit stuff? Should I wait until the account ages for 2 weeks it bots combat?
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    What I mean is, I want 99 fletching asap but how do I do it in a way that is not flaggable by the system.
  2. There's no guaranteed way to bot that's not flaggable by Jagex. Botting is against the rules, always will be, and you'll always run that risk. However, I've noticed that a lot of it seems to be luck. I ran an account from 1-99 runecrafting 20+ hours a day, and had no ban. Then I've botted overnight on another account and woke up to it banned. I think it's all right place at the right time.

    If you get reported, if a mod sees you, if you're the lucky choice out of the system to get banned, etc. I would start a new account and suicide it and see what happens, if it gets banned you can always start over again. That or just do a few hours a day. I don't think varying tasks does much, but the time you bot per day is vital to staying undetected. Remember, Jagex more than likely picks up on patterns, if the bot isn't running for too long each day then there's not as many patterns for them to track. Basically, less botting per day = safer. Strive to find the most efficient safe spot with this and go for it.

    From what I've found, 3-4 hours per day with a few breaks mixed in is fairly safe. This also depends on the area, the bot itself, and merely luck. Best of luck to you!
  3. I really just want the sexy 99 cape to go with the void melee set. I know I am always at risk while botting. I just want people's experience in botting mains to 99. What perks do you have or procedures that have worked out.

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