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  1. I have an imageView in a '.FXML' file and I want to provide it an image. Is there a way to do it manually, in SceneBuilder? If not, how would I do it using the Resources class? I have tried using the following but without luck:
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    1. Resources.getAsBufferedImage(SOME_IMAGE_STR)
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  3. @FXML
    private ImageView img;


    //In your initialise
    Image image = new Image(Resources.getAsStream("path to your image"));

    ^^ From memory, feel free to correct me @Savior
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    Also, you should join the developer Slack chat, you're likely to get a quicker answer.

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  4. Don't forget to add it as a <resource> in your manifest.
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  5. @Party, @proxi,

    Thanks guys!

    Also, that's true, I should join the Slack channel.
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