How To Make Your Bots Last

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  1. Bots are slowly dwindling, as the Runescape Genocide rages on. Here are a few tips on how to survive this genocide.

    1. Baby sit your bot/s.
    I'm sure everyone knows this now, but if you do not actively manage your bots, you will lose them rather fast.
    Make sure to try and resemble a human player while playing, do not type while the bot is clicking, take short breaks every 30 - 60 minutes, and do not bot for great amounts of time. Create small chat, trade here and there, and do some quests.

    2. Your account
    An account that is older, and has membership will always last longer than new, and f2p bots. Do not go onto an account and bot fishing, woodcutting, or any other major money making skills. If you do choose to bot a high-risk skill, or any skill, go to an unpopular area, this will result in less reports.

    3. Use a VPN or proxy.
    If you are running a single account, you can use a VPN, but if you are running several bots, use a proxy. If you do not use a proxy/VPN and your IP is flagged, your bots will be banned within 24 hours.

    **EDIT Make sure to create the account on the same VPN or proxy not to bring awareness.

    Have any suggestions? Message me or post them below.
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  2. I agree with the first two points but not with the proxy. Jagex can probably tell a proxy is being used, and can simply check what IP the account really belongs to unless you've never logged into it with your normal internet connection. All a proxy does is raise flags.
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  3. I make all of my accounts under a proxy or VPN, I'll clarify this.
  4. Most (big) goldfarmers use proxies/vpns, so they are probably flagged anyways.
  5. When I gold-farmed I had used my own VPNs / proxies.
  6. explain the term "my own" in this situation.
  7. I rented a server and hosted a VPN off of it.
  8. I disagree on the VPN & proxy part. Unless it's a private/premium VPN/Proxy then they can easily tell that it's a VPN. Like does. Also I've been banned in the past from my powerbot days, and with your logic my ip should be flagged, yet I havent been banned for a very long time. I don't believe that Runescape flags ips and I don't believe VPN's and proxies help at all. (They may even increase the ban rate)
  9. Jagex has stated that they will not ban unless they are 100% sure it's a bot. Checking everyone's service provider constantly would take so many resources it's sickening.
  10. It takes less than you'd think mate. If a popular forum like hackforums can scan everyones ISP so can Jagex (probably even more reliable).
  11. I'm pretty sure they don't scan ISPs but have blacklisted IPs, if you use a turkish VPN from NVPN you can still go to hackforums, although the ISP name is the name.
  12. Jagex don't flag IPs
  13. Tell that my account what got banned as soon as i registered lol
  14. Jagex will not ban an account without 100% proof it's a bot. They flag IPs and add them to a watchlist, then if the player is determined as a bot, a ban is given.
  15. Well it's still stupid. I go to the trolls for quick starter combat xp and get banned within hours. Go somewhere else with the same script bot and they dont care at all...
  16. That sucks, man. Ultimately, "luck" is included in the equation of whether a player will report you.
  17. try warped cockroaches in the dungeon of blood pact, u barely need food on lower levels and its like 20k-30k exp an hr (inc. hp)
  18. As above the cockroaches are pretty decent, I left it on overnight (9 hours+) and was still going strong.

    Seems like other players are the biggest problem for botting atm, if you're gonna bot do it on a low pop server in a dead area, see how long you can keep going for.
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 14, 2015, Original Post Date: Apr 12, 2015 ---
    Skelton farming in lumbridge dungeon.

    running time and xp gains:


    Total gold profit 716k gold, instant selling on GE.

    Seems pretty good, I stocked him up with food but didn't need it when wearing full rune.
  19. if ur doing an 11 hr run @ skeletons in lum dungeon, take 500 magic notepaper with u and let it not the water talisman, take like 3 salmon (just to be sure).

    i think u could have had like 1.4m instead of 750k :p
  20. didnt even know it was a thing,
    Overestimating the drop rate of water talismans a bit there are ya :p

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