RS3 How to multitask while playing rs

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  1. Hello everyone once again. After teaching you how to play rs legit, many of you may be wondering "Well how can I do things I'd normally do while botting if I have to play legit.". Well I'm here today to solve this problem(sorry in advance for showing a link w/o being supporter but I'm pretty sure the link is something everyone knows...). Thanks to @EvilCabbage for the guide request! Note this isn't only rs3, it works with ALL games.

    Step 1:Open rs as you would to play legit

    Step 2: Log in using your login information

    Step 3: Open your browser in incognito mode

    Step 4: Open site of choice( if you add the /select then all the videos will be hd)

    Step 5: Resize both windows(I hope this is censored enough)

    Step 6: Get to work
    If you have Jagextile dysfunction I recommend contacting customer support.

    Thanks for reading my guide! I hope it helped, If you want anymore guides let me know and I'll be more than happy to make more!
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  3. @EvilCabbage requested the guide lol
  4. Pornhub? You think I'm a pleb or something man?
  5. Its free
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  7. We.. uhhh... may have to move this to Casual.. lol!
  8. haha, I can always edit it to be pg-13 if you'd like lol
  9. Casual rules:
    • No pornographic material;
    • No gore material.
  10. Do you see nipples/vagina?
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