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    Plenty of you are posting bug reports and thank you for that. Unfortunately some of the reports are lacking information that would make it possible/easier to fix.

    For starters, please only include one bug report per thread. Even if they seem to be from related causes such as they both being RemoteExceptions, please use separate threads. When that's done properly, it becomes easier for others such as yourself to look through bug reports and find out if their bug has already been reported.

    It's also important to use as accurate of a title as you can. We'll adjust them ourselves if necessary but it helps us find your issue if things are accurately titled.

    Next, be sure to include at least the following information
    Code (Text):
    1. RuneMate Version:
    2. Affected Games:
    3. Code Used:
    If a stack trace is available, please include that within code tags too.

    If it's an issue with something that only occurs on a certain combat mode or interface mode, be sure to include that information also.

    If you think the issue has to do with a broken hook, then please also include the id of the gamepack that you're running.

    An example of a good bug report would be

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