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  1. Hi,

    I have Ubuntu with desktop installed and I launch RuneMate, I press OSRS and enter my details and then nothing happens. It does the usual downloading cloud info thing and then nothing shows up.

    Only thing that shows up is this..-

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    @Arbiter I now was told to install a specific java version which I did and now I get this error..-

  2. Stop using XFCE. It's the shittiest desktop environment around. We definitely don't support it.
  3. What do you recommend then? I was using a guide as its the shortest fastest working one. Could you link me a working guide for Ubuntu or CentOS?

  4. Are you sure you are running
    Code (Text):
    1. java -jar RuneMate.jar
    inside the desktop environment and not in a standalone terminal(TTY)?
    Btw, don't run that command with sudo...

    And this has nothing to do with XFCE or any desktop environment for that matter... I'm not even running a desktop environment and it works just fine
  5. Yes I am running that exact command, tried with and without sudo. Same error.
  6. Do you have the lastest version of the RuneMate jar? Just download it again
  7. Yes I have the latest, it's nothing to do with the jar.
  8. I would try and google those Xlib and GLX errors and see if those are common errors with simple fixes

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