How to set RuneScape to "Easy" difficulty.

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  1. This is not an exact guide, you will have to be a bit creative and decent at on the spot responses to pull this off well. I can not and will not tell you exactly what to say to earn money using this method. That is up to you. This guide is simply here to help you be a somewhat believable internet female.

    Starting out:
    Make sure you're playing a female character which has moderate stats (Makeover Mage in Falador is very useful).

    Try to make sure your display name is at the very least gender-neutral. Optionally you could change your name to something a bit more feminine. DO NOT over-do it. "Holly Doll" > "Sxc Babe69"

    Get a "revealing" outfit, but again don't over-do it. Here is an okay example.
    You don't want to wear too much expensive gear in your outfit, but you don't want to come off as a beggar either. Privacy mode and cosmetic overrides are incredibly helpful.

    Now that you're all female'd up, its time to start tricking people. This is the part that is mostly up to you. I can only give you a few basic tips.

    Talk to people:
    This should be obvious, if you want people to give you stuff you have to befriend them first. Chat with people! My biggest tip here is to not try to act like a girl, talk about your regular interests/hobbies, toss a few emoticons in every now and then, and suddenly you're the coolest "girl" they've ever met.

    Set goals:
    You don't want your new "friends" to think you're just like every other "girl" on RuneScape who stands around the bank doing nothing all day. Tell them some of your RS goals and accomplish them. This step is important because to get people to give you money, you are going to ask to borrow it... and then obviously never return it. Nobody wants to lend their precious items/gold to someone who does nothing but bankstand. Tell your friends about your GWD trips, slayer tasks, etc!

    example: "I'm trying to get enough money for 85 herblore so I can camp QBD :x" (my usual "need money to make money" formula)

    Be patient:
    Outside of the most desperate people, almost nobody will trust you with anything of value in the first few days of knowing you. Maintain an active "friendship" with people for 2-3 weeks before trying to get money from them.

    Be subtle:
    Generally you don't want to directly ask for money. Asking directly CAN work depending on the person you're talking to, but it is generally better to just mention that you're trying to save up for x item/level. Again, I can't tell you exactly what will work and when, so use your brain. This is mostly up to you.

    Be manipulative:
    This is pretty much the main requirement for this process. You need to be able to recognize the best way to convince someone to give you stuff. Everyone operates differently, which is why I'm not able to tell you what will and won't work. Its all up to you.

    With Skype/Snapchat/etc being so popular now, nearly everyone will ask you for some other form of communication. This makes it much harder to get people to believe you're a girl. Once again, its up to you to figure out how to avoid these things. I usually tell them something like

    "I'll get a mic next week when I get paid! :)"

    then once the following week comes around you need an excuse like

    "I was going to buy a mic but x was having an awesome sale! :s"

    This shouldn't be too much of an issue because generally you should have gotten your money/items and deleted the person within a few weeks.

    I feel like I forgot a lot of shit so I may edit this a bit later, but its good enough for now I suppose. I've been doing this for years and after a bit of practice it becomes pretty easy. There are plenty of guys on RuneScape who will do a lot for the companionship of a "female", so don't worry if you fuck a few of them up.

    Also I know this guide isn't that useful, mostly just general tips. As I've mentioned many times this is 95% on-the-spot thinking. I was just bored so I figured I'd type this crap up.

    If you do this you are an asshole. Good luck friends.
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  2. That's the worst piece of crap that I've read in all my life... I loved it, keep up the good work
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  3. This is legit what he does.
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  4. just gonna vouch for OP he's a master and has suckered many nerds out of many mills
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  6. Vouch, he literally turned me into a girl.
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  7. How to set Runescape to easy difficulty: play RS3.

    This thing works 100% though. I've done this and still doing this. If you ever want to ask for money you'd usually go by: "can I have 100k for rocktails?:p" Then all of a sudden you end up with 1m+.
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  8. This sounds like it could work so much that I'm going to be trying it.
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  9. Requires so much work. Only if you could make a bot for it.....

    @Aidden please make a slut bot!
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  10. U gay as fuk

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  11. ayy lmao holly doll is a real username
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  12. This is the weirdest Runescape guide I've ever seen lol! :D
  13. I love bad bitches they are my fucking problem.
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  14. holly doll was one of his previous usernames
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  15. Does this earn enough gp to sell for usd?
  16. Only if you have dem skillz.

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