Resolved How to show log on RuneMate Client?

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  1. I just want to see if the proxy loaded, what the script bot is doing etc... If there is not log built into the client how can I make sure the client is the using the proxy etc?
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    Post #2 by Cloud, Feb 2, 2015
  3. You can check if there's an active proxy within the development toolkit (sdk mode only). To access a debug log you have to run it from the command prompt.

  4. So terminal on a mac? I use a mac and how would I exactly do that lol...
  5. Code (Text):
    1. java -jar RuneMate.jar
  6. ^^ yeah, that's for the log. If you want to see if your proxy is working, add an -sdk tag at the end. So it ends up being this:
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    1. java -jar RuneMate.jar -sdk
    After you're done verifying the proxy, restart the client without the -sdk tag, because you can't run bot store bots when the -sdk tag is there.
  7. You can put what @Arbiter said into a .bat file (just use a text editor and Save As RuneMate.bat or whatever you want, just make sure the extension is .bat)...
    You'll have to tweak some settings for the file to make it executable, so here's a Yahoo Answers post to show u how to do that:

    Then just put the .bat file in the same folder as RuneMate and you can run it with the log just by opening the .bat file... A lot better than having to open and run it through the Terminal every time...

    Note that it will only work in MacOS 10 (X) or above, but I doubt that would be an issue...

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