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    Just a quick guide on how to use GitHub to make use of the Community Open Source API and contribute to it where you feel necessary.

    1. Download the repo
    Create a GitHub account and download the GitHub application from the website.

    Browse to the repo and use the following option to open the repo on your desktop:

    2. Add the repo to IntelliJ
    When the repo is visible in your GitHub application, Select the '+' icon and Clone the repo into your IntelliJ src/com directory.

    So it should look something like below:
    Now you can use the API the same way as you would any other API.

    3. Adding to the repo
    Once you've made some changes you'd like to share, open up the GitHub desktop application again. Create a new branch using the following icon:

    Please use your forum username so I can identify you.


    Give the branch some context and select "Commit to <yourbranch>":


    Now create a "Pull request" using the button in the top right, and give some context to the update you're making:


    I'll review the code changes and update the repo as necessary!
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