OSRS How to use spectre video.

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  1. How To Use Spectre.
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  2. Ur voice is sexy.
  3. Thank you was half asleep the whole time. I might remake it today sometime.
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    There was quite a bit of detail I can Go into, I'll probably do that now that i have camstasia @Arbiter you can tie this in at the end of your how to if it would help, I could also break it down into rs3 spectreing and osrs spectreing.
  4. One note that I would add is that the user doesn't have to install Java himself. The RuneMate installer will handle it for them if they don't have it. A really good debugging method would be to uninstall all versions of Java from your system and then just letting RuneMate grab the JRE it needs for itself.
  5. Alright I'll redo it when i get home
  6. Any news on when spectre will be coming to mac? I can't wait to use this new iteration of the already great bot.
  7. It will be ready when it is ready.

    As the old saying goes:
    Hurry up and wait.

    Let me quote @Aidden here to explain things better:

    The thing is, we usually don't have an ETA because things just aren't as simple as that. And the majority of users get shitty when an ETA isn't met, even though it's just an estimate. Because it's not our job there are many other things that could get in the way like school or work, as well as running into unexpected issues while coding which can sometimes set the release back by days, maybe even longer if other things get in the way on top of that.
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  8. @Arbiter video coming in today, it should be cleaner now that i have gotten some sleep
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    @Arbiter Simplified it a little, and made it quicker and easier to understand.
  9. youre welcome @Arbiter this thread may now be closed.

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