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  1. Hi everyone. Good to be here in the RuneMate community and finally introducing myself.
    Thank you to the client developers and bot authors who've all contributed towards what is now a very successful botting platform of which I've very nearly maxed my Runescape account of 11 years.

    Long story short of why I bot, I work 50-60 hours a week as a suicide prevention police constable here in Britain. Grinding RuneScape skills has to be the most boring and non productive way to spend my almost non-existent spare time. RuneMate has allowed me to gain the full potential of the game and its own community through advancing my account, so thank you!

    Looking forward to collaborating with you all from now and here on!
  2. Welcome Truncheon. I like how you're a suicide prevention police.
  3. Hello from a Newbie too :p good work in your career choice, I solute you!
  4. Welcome to the site mate :)
  5. Welcome To The Darkside
  6. Welcome mate ;)
  7. Hey! How are you doing Ollie?
  8. Welcome! Botting is saving time hehe :)

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