hPyramidPlunder 1.1.2

Start anywhere. Read the bot thread for full instructions.

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    hPyramidPlunder - Start anywhere. Read the bot thread for full instructions.

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  2. Doesn't start for me..
  3. Durrymid dunder
  4. Wow out of the blue :D haha
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    Bot does nothing :'( opens GUI and then stops :'(
  5. Waiting for instructions. Good job on the Pyramid Plunder script bot though!
  6. Instructions are added.
  7. Keeps on clicking the same (already looted) urn in room 6 when having max room set on 7. It also tries to clear the complete second to last room, not leaving enough time to clear the last room, wasting a lot of xp.
  8. Room 7 and 8 is not supported, forgot to include that. I'm only level 71 thieving.
    There's a small bug in room 6 with one of the urns, I've already fixed it and I will push the fix soon.
  9. Thanks for the release, this is awesome was looking for a thieving script bot!
  10. [​IMG]

    I keeps looping on the scepter.. :s
  11. That's weird. Are you in the room with the mummy?
  12. Very nice one thanks!
  13. Tbh i dont know :p
  14. I could only imagine this happening, if you're in one of the tombs without the guardian mummy. But the bot would never enter those, so I don't really know how that happened.
  15. Working well so far for me. Thanks for being the first to write a decent thieving bot. Maybe now I can get it caught up with the rest of my skills...

    some things I noticed that seem a bit bot-like:
    1. spam clicks too much, nobody could keep up spam clicking like that for any extended period of time. Maybe have it spam click until the animation starts and then wait for a pass or fail? Idk, just seems like a lot of clicking.
    2. occasionally the camera ends up behind a wall of some sort (so all you can see it blackness) and the bot continues to click everything through that wall.
    3. If loot urn is a secondary option it will spam right click -> loot urn which again I don't think many people do. Left-click spam clicking is normal, but I've never continuously right-click selected something.

    Just minor stuff, bot runs great for me so far (only been running 15 mins). Thanks again.
  16. Yeah, I'll make it stop spam clicking while the player is doing an animation or something like that. It does spam click a lot.

    This happens in one of the rooms but you shouldn't be concerned. It always checks, if the object you're interacting with is 100% visible. You might not be able to see the object but the client and the bot thinks it is 100% visible.

    I'll make a check for that as well. Thanks!
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  17. Went to eat dinner with it running and it crashed a minute or so before I returned (so I had probably 40min runtime)

    I already closed the error reporter thing without looking at the details (my bad, lol) but if it crashes again I'll post it here. Thanks for the quick response.

    edit: oh yeah, when it crashed it was trying to loot an urn it had already looted. Clicked it maybe 10-15 times then got removed from the pyramid by the time limit and crashed after that. Scepter still had 1 charge. Still had Falador teleports. That's all the info I have for now though.

    edit #2: seems to get stuck in room 6. Does a few of the urns and then goes back to a certain urn (the same one every time) and tries to loot it continuously until time runs out even though it has already been looted. Continues to run as normal after this, though. Not sure what caused my crash earlier.
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  18. The crash when teleporting with the scepter and the already looted urn has both been fixed. I've pushed the update. :)

    When the bot crashes, you do not need to post the exception here, there's a button on the dialog, which sends the exception to me. :p
  19. Oh alright, wasn't sure how that worked. That was a quick fix. I'll try running it again later. Keep up the good work!
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    running well now

    Still seems to get confused in room 6, but it does correct itself sometimes. If you got that fixed up completely, reduce the spam clicking a bit, add in the right-click check, and the final 2 rooms this would be an amazing bot. Going to use this until 81 and then wait for updates :^)
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  20. Hmm, what's wrong in room 6?
    If it tries to loot an urn that has already been looted, it should only do it once and then remove it from the treasure list.
    I'll probably look for a better way to detect already looted urns. It's only in room 6 this happens with one of the urns.

    I'll add an option to toggle the spam clicking, so you can choose how much you want.

    Just noticed that it does get a bit weird in room 6. I'll check it out and push an update through later.
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