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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Kowlkryz, May 5, 2016.

  1. Could someone please make a bot for leveling hunter and chinning. Although we do have Celestial Hunter it is very very lackluster atm and it doesn't seem to be a priority to being updated however it is a quick way to grind out 53 Hunter which is nice ,but chinning is very slow and unresponsive leading it to crash after a couple chins and for this reason is very unreliable atm.


    P.S. Salamanders would be a nice touch too :)
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  2. YES I AGREE! with a passion!
  3. +1 from my side.
    currently there is 1 hunter bot from the celestial crew but i have tested it for like 5 hours and couldnt run it without heavily babysitting. Since it struggles to place traps and keep running after some time.

    would love to see a working hunter bot with salamanders ofcourse :D
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  4. Hey! I would be delighted to make a hunter bot! I feel that if i can get time tomorrow i may be able to push it as soon as tomorrow night. The bot may take longer depending on how complex and how much anti-ban i add. I will update tomorrow evening with a progress report if i have time! Good luck!
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  5. Hell yeah man keep us posted its greatly appreciated!
  6. Sorry the bot is taking so long to make public. I have been loaded with work and not been able to fix the major bugs in the bot. but i am making it great!
  7. take your time man would rather you work out most of the kinks now then when it goes public
  8. Celestial hunter is getting updated atm
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  9. Ok! I may just suspend working on it if celestial is working
  10. By any means, go for it :)
    Competition is always good.
  11. It's hard lol!

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